The 2015 SupplySide West Conference Global Conference & Expo, the largest tradeshow for the dietary supplement, food, and pharmaceutical industries in the United States, continued its reign as being a must-attend event. NattoPharma USA, Inc. talked with attendees about how they could innovate their products with MenaQ7®, the only clinically validated Vitamin K2 as MK-7 on the market, as well as their eager anticipation of the Vitamin K2 Workshop.

This year’s SupplySide West did not disappoint. With an expanded show floor and new layout, attendees, who turned out in record numbers, had their work cut out for them covering the massive 2-day event held October 8-9.

NattoPharma USA, Inc. enjoyed consistent, heavy traffic. Visitors actively sought out Booth #431 to discuss the impressive body of clinical evidence demonstrating MenaQ7® Vitamin K2 as MK-7’s benefit for bone and cardiovascular health, the brand’s strong IPR, as well as how the varieties of MenaQ7® PURE and Crystals met specific formulation needs.

But a topic buzzing around the show floor was the first-of-its kind “Vitamin K2 Workshop: New Findings & Trends for Heart and Bone Health.” As part of the agenda after the show floor closed (Friday October 9), many stated they extended their stay specifically to attend this event.

This 3-hour seminar featured renowned speakers who enlightened the packed house with the latest findings supporting Vitamin K2’s human health benefits and illuminated for the crowd what these findings could mean for the state of global health.

  • Dennis Goodman, MD, cardiologist, director of integrative medicine at New York University, discussed that state of cardiovascular health and how traditional therapies, such as statins, have undeniable flaws. He explained how the strong science supporting Vitamin K2 inspired him to pen his latest book, “Vitamin K2: The Missing Nutrient for Heart and Bone Health”, and how it is being used in integrative medicine.
  • Leon Schurgers, PhD, associate professor of biochemistry at University Maastricht and CARIM (Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht), gave attendees an inside look at his research efforts showing that K2 is the key vitamin in controlling vascular calcification, via activation of vitamin K-dependent proteins such as matrix Gla protein. With great charm and humor, Dr. Schurgers broke down the complicated cascade of findings, and provided a glimpse of where research is headed in the future.
  • Katarzyna Maresz, PhD, president of the International Science and Health Foundation, closed off the session, putting into perspective the state of Vitamin K2 deficiency in Western societies and the implications this has on our health, particularly the health of children. She shared study results highlighting that children have the greatest need for K vitamins, as well as the positive effect supplementation has been shown to have on child populations.

Each presenter graciously answered questions from the eager crowd. With so much interest and amazing attendance – and so many new developments on the horizon – there is no doubt this event will appear on SupplySide West agendas in years to come.

If you did not have an opportunity to attend the Vitamin K2 Workshop, the event was recorded and will be posted on the soon-to-be-launched redesigned