Scientific Substantiation

NattoPharma is proud of its reputation as a Research & Development leader. The company has the respect of research leaders for its scientific approach to shaping its products and for their efficacy claims based on clinical studies and is sought out by brand owners for its superior product quality demonstrated to be effective in human clinical trials.

Working in concert with medical institutions and scientists, NattoPharma is immediately aware of the latest research and discoveries and is able to continually expand recommendations for use of products featuring the company’s ingredients.

NattoPharma continues to invest significantly in fundamental research work around vitamin K’s mode of action. It has partnered with world-leading research institutions and experts to cultivate a more thorough understanding of the function of Vitamin K2 as MK-7, which has directly contributed to the realization that Vitamin K2 is a missing nutrient in even the healthiest diets and this deficiency’s impact on human health; in particular the three key areas:

Further, the company’s products surpass the quality requirements approved for their use in functional foods and supplements. NattoPharma is a leader in using its scientific understanding to expand into new applications, offering products that are developed to perform.