NattoPharma actively pursues patents in key markets and countries, as part of its overall intellectual property strategy to supplement its already strong patent portfolio.

The company has been able to convert its cutting-edge research into proprietary method of use patents that support and provide exclusivity to efficacy claims, and pending process patents on the manufacturing synthesis of its nature-identical product that add significant value to customers’ products to differentiate themselves in the market.


NattoPharma ASA has the exclusive use of a vitamin K2 patent portfolio originating with VitaK, world experts in vitamin K, at Maastricht University. The company continues to develop this patent portfolio, with new and expanding claims regarding the benefits of vitamin K, and especially vitamin K2.

NattoPharma’s IP covers methods promoting:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Metabolic health
  • Other indications pending by administering nutritional products containing vitamin K and K2,
    the menaquinones.

NattoPharma is gratified to work with the experts that have made ground-breaking discoveries and continue to validate the benefits of K vitamins. As such, we encourage any marketer of products purporting the benefits of vitamin K2, based on this work, to join us in utilizing the patented, proven, and validated MenaQ7® ingredients offerings.

NattoPharma looks forward to discussing how our patents can help to validate your important products. Our Sales team is eager to start this important conversation.