Research & Development

NattoPharma is the leading supplier of Vitamin K2 as MK-7 under the MenaQ7® brand of products, which deliver unmatched quality, selection, and customer solutions backed fully by rigorous scientific data. The company continues to break new ground understanding the benefits and applications of Vitamin K2 as MK-7, which lead to constant advancements in the product offering, intellectual property, and research and development.

NattoPharma continues to invest significantly in fundamental research work around vitamin K’s mode of action. It has partnered with world-leading research institutions and experts to find new understanding of the function of MK-7, and has directly contributed to realization of Vitamin K2 as a missing nutrient in diet of diverse population and its impact on human health; in particular the three key areas of bone health, cardiovascular health and children’s health.

NattoPharma has the respect of research leaders and brand owners for its scientific approach to backing the claims of its product efficacy and quality, and is sought out for its product quality supported by its use in human clinical trials.  The agreements and contacts with medical institutions and researchers, and the effort to remain up to date on the latest research and understanding, allow NattoPharma to continually expand recommendations for use of products featuring MenaQ7®.

The company develops innovative solutions with technology that provides superior ease of use, chemical stability, regulatory compliance, and desired label claims to meet the needs and wants of diverse products with MK-7 in all global regions and markets.  A solution provider, NattoPharma puts customers’ needs first by offering the greatest number of product choices and providing technical understanding and support for its best use. It continues to innovate the best available technology to develop new application solutions to meet regional demands.

NattoPharma is serious about expanding and enforcing its intellectual property, which provides protection ranging from its proprietary processing of its superior MenaQ7® products to exclusive legal use of key claims on efficacy. As leader in the discovery of new uses, it continues to develop a strong patent portfolio in major markets of interest.

NattoPharma employs efficient use of resources to meet regulatory requirements, while remaining a driver in adding new claims to its product offering, so as to grow existing and expand into new markets and geographies.

Finally, NattoPharma is proud of its leadership in R&D in continually expanding the knowledge around and availability of Vitamin K2 and providing superior MenaQ7® product solutions with integrity and confidence.