NattoPharma ASA has formed an exclusive distribution agreement with Glanbia Nutritionals, whereby NattoPharma`s new ingredient, MenaQ7 PURE, will be distributed throughout the U.S and Canada.
A division of Glanbia plc, an international nutritional solutions and cheese group headquartered in Ireland, Glanbia Nutritionals manufactures and sells nutritional and functional ingredient solutions to the food, beverage, supplement and animal nutrition industries.

“MenaQ7 PURE is the newest offering to Glanbia Nutritionals`arsenal of unique, proprietary, branded, clinically substantiated and validated ingredients” said Hogne Vik, CEO of NattoPharma. ” The market for vitamin K2 as MK-7 is clearly expanding as the scientific evidence of its ability to promote bone and cardiovascular health continues to accumulate. As Vitamin K2 awareness has been rapidly growing, NattoPharma has been fielding an influx of inquiries. Glanbia Nutritionals` broad and deep customer base will benefite from this vital new offering, which will further enhance NattoPharma`s U.S presence”.