NattoPharma Spearheads K2 RDI Program

Global cardiovascular and bone health has been negatively impacted by widespread Vitamin K2 deficiency. Yet there is no established RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) for Vitamin K2. To that end, as the leader in Vitamin K2, NattoPharma has enlisted its powerful research partners to start a program to establish a much-needed RDI for Vitamin K2. The […]

Vitamin K2 Needs RDI: New Paper

NattoPharma research partners publish important review paper clearly identifying the need for a Vitamin K2-specific RDI.

K2 Lowers CHD Risk: New Study

New prospective cohort study identifies K2 as cardio-protective while K1 intakes are not.

New Paper Advances K2 Cardiovascular Argument

NattoPharma participant in grant funding study once again links Vitamin K2 benefits against calcification and oxidative stress.

AHA Paper Links K2 Status & Cardio Risk; Emphasizes PWV

Improving K2 status may significantly benefit arterial stiffening and calcification, reducing cardiovascular complications.

K1 is NOT Cardio-Protective: New Study

Vitamin K2 supports heart health through impact on Matrix Gla Protein; K1 has no effect.

K2 vs K1: New Paper

New review paper, completed as part of INTRICARE and EVOluTION research grants, advances argument for Vitamin K2-specific RDI.

K2 Deficiency & Kids’ Fracture Risk: New Paper

Examination of correcting K2 deficiency impact on children’s bone health published in prestigious international journal.

NattoPharma Spearheading K2 RDI Program

K2 Leader joins with leading researchers to establish basis of a much-needed K2 RDI.

K2 & D for Children’s Bone Health: New Review

Evidence shows correcting deficiencies, specifically Vitamin K2, leads to stronger skeletal systems.