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New product with MenaQ7 on the Norwegian market: SterK2

VitOmega launch a new product called Sterk2, designed to improve bone strength and maintain optimal bone health. SterK2 contains Vitamin D, Magnesium, calcium, in addition to MenaQ7 natural Vitamin K2.

Please click here to read the press release (in Norwegian) .

About Vitomega
VitOmega sells supplements as subscription and only offer products that contains 100% natural ingredients. Vitomega have since 1993 sold high quality omega 3 and are also supplier of other popular supplements with vitaminer og mineraler. VitOmega is part of the SanaPharma group which owns an extensive portfolio of patents in areas covering the field of beta-glucans used in nutraceuticals and cosmetics as well as within antioxidant technology. Sana Pharma's products and technologies are further protected by a large number of trademarks registered in an extensive number of countries including the USA, Germany, UK, France and the Scandinavian countries.

For more information see or contact:

Ann-Christin Bakke
VitOmega, Marketing Manager
Tel: +47 926 34 602

For the Press

Press inquire:

Kate Quackenbush
Director of Communications
(+1) 609-454-2992 x 220

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Tel: (+1) 609-454-2992
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