New MenaQ7 Crystals

New novel ingredient with unique technology

MenaQ7Crystals represents the most significant technological breakthrough in the new generation of Vitamin K2. It is a proprietary multi-step process of purification, condensation and crystallization of fermentation-derived K2, leading to an end product that has more than 95% pure natural menaquinone-7, a much more desirable outcome for the efficacy of the end product.

New MenaQ7 Crystals are distinguished by:

  • More than 95% pure menaquinone-7 – free of all other menaquinones (except for 0.5% or less admixture of menaquinone-6, a simple marker of natural fermentation product)
  • 100 percent trans-form - the desirable form for human consumption
  • Non-soy based fermentation is safe for those who have soy allergies
  • Available Drug Master File (rare in the nutritional ingredients industry).

10 Attractive Features & Benefits of New MenaQ7 Crystals.

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