Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

The general meeting of shareholders is the highest authority of a Norwegian public limited company. The Company must arrange for the annual general meeting to be held before the end of June every year. The annual general meeting shall, inter alia, approve the annual accounts, the Board of Directors’ report and any dividends payable, and consider the Board of Director’s declaration concerning the determination of salaries and other remuneration to the Chief Executive Officer and other senior executive officers. The general meeting shall be convened by a written notice to all shareholders with a known address no later than 21 days prior to a general meeting.

A shareholder is entitled to submit proposals to be discussed in a general meeting provided that such proposals are submitted in writing to the Board of Directors at least seven days prior to the deadline for the notice to the general meeting. Such proposal shall be accompanied by a proposed resolution or the reasons why the matter should be included on the agenda. Further, a shareholder is entitled to table draft resolutions for items included on the agenda for the general meeting.

All shareholders in the Company are entitled to attend and vote in general meetings, either in person or by proxy. The Company will distribute proxy forms to its shareholders together with the notice of any general meeting.


Protocols from Annual General Meetings:



Invitation to 2018 Ordinary General Meeting NattoPharma ASA

Shareholder rights, participation and Proxy

Attendance slip and Proxy form

SAK 6 – Declaration on remuneration to executive officers 2018

Sak 7 – Proposition from the Nomination Committee

SAK 8 – Authorization to increase the share capital in connection stock option plan

SAK 9 – Authorization to increase the share capital in connection with acquisitions or mergers

Sak 10 – Authorization to purchase own shares



Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Minutes of Extraordinary General Meeting


Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Minutes of Annual General Meeting