The NattoPharma Team

The NattoPharma Team

Kjetil Ramsøy
Chief Executive Officer / Chief Financial Officer

Kjetil Ramsøy joined NattoPharma as CFO in 2016. A Certified Public Accountant, he has served in several senior financial positions within the power supply industry, as well as the oil service industry. Having worked in both Scandinavia and the United States, he brings experience from both global and publicly listed companies to NattoPharma.

Hogne Vik, MD, PhD, MBA
Chief Medical Officer

A medical doctor by training, Dr. Hogne Vik has more than 30 years of experience in medical, pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, and research industries. He actively engages with the industry to enhance the understanding of the benefits NattoPharma’s technologies offer for human health.

Peter Stahl
Chief Operations Officer

Peter Stahl oversees company operations with experience from multiple industries including aerospace, healthcare, fabrication, distribution, and even hospitality. A problem solver by nature, he has tackled operations improvements at companies as large as Boeing and Baxter, down to startups. Very much a hands-on type, he believes there is always a solution and it’s often a simple one.

William Sommer
Vice President Global Development & Regulatory

Leading NattoPharma’s R&D Solutions Division, William Sommer has more than 20 years experience working on product and application development and manufacturing in regulated specialty chemical industries.

Eric Anderson
Senior Vice President, Global Marketing & Business Development

Eric Anderson brings more than 20 years of experience in the natural products industry to NattoPharma’s Global Sales & Marketing team, having played a leading role launching some of the most successful natural ingredients to the marketplace.

Jeff Lind
Vice President of Sales, Americas

Jeff Lind brings extensive technical understanding of ingredients and a unique perspective of the global market to the NattoPharma Sales Team, having worked in some of the most respected companies in the natural products industry for more than 20 years.

Rudi De Man
Vice President Sales & Business Development

Rudi De Man’s international sales experience and an extensive knowledge of the Food Ingredients and Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical business makes him an effective leader of NattoPharma’s sales efforts through European and Asian markets.

Gunilla Traberg
Director of Nordic Accounts & EU Marketing

Over Gunilla Traberg’s more than 14 years of experience in the international nutraceutical industry, she has played an integral role branding and marketing internationally recognized ingredients. She brings a breadth of knowledge to Nordic customers about effective marketing in the EU.

Kate Quackenbush
Director of Communications

Kate Quackenbush brings nearly 20 years of publishing experience for natural health and dietary supplement industries, as well as retail and alternative practitioner markets. She is the guiding force supporting customers’ communication efforts in the public eye.

Anne Roksvåg
Product Manager

Anne Roksvåg holds the position as Product Manager, utilizing her skills in International Marketing and Nutritional Studies to strengthening NattoPharma’s global market developments, particularly from a technical and regulatory perspective, but also as an integral part of the Sales and Marketing team.

Sławomir Glinkowski
Product Development Manager

With a background in Public Health and experience in HTA (health technology assessment) and dietary supplements field, Sławomir Glinkowski plays an integral role in NattoPharma’s product and application development, coordinating and managing R&D Solutions Division and providing technical support to the sales team.

Anna Tomczak 
Customer Care Specialist

Anna Tomczak is NattoPharma’s European point person for order processing. Handling the order process from start to finish, she answers customer questions and understands their requirements, ensuring their orders are out in a timely fashion and delivered with the proper documentation.

Kris Czerwiński
Supply Chain Director

Kris Czerwiński leads NattoPharma’s Production and Logistics departments, utilizing his more than 10 years of experience in production planning and key project management in international pharmaceutical & nutraceutical companies. His expertise lies in global supply chain management, production planning, logistics, and transportation.

Piotr Gromniak
Graphic Designer and Marketing Support

Piotr Gromniak has acquired design experience working for companies that ranged from FMCG and the men’s wear market to a studio that specialized in branding. His contemporary style will help drive NattoPharma’s brands forward with a clear and impactful message.

Laura Bakker
Finance Manager

A CIMA qualified accountant who worked internationally within the group finance function of global recruitment and HR solutions business, Laura Bakker brings extensive experience in managing financial, administrative and operational processes to NattoPharma.

Elise Kaiser
Senior Account Manager

Utilizing her degree in Holistic Nutrition, Elise Kaiser has cultivated an impressive sales record serving the natural products and supplement industries. As NattoPharma’s Senior Account Manager, she coordinates business development activities and communicates the tremendous commercial opportunity that MenaQ7 represents to customers.

Dan Rosenbaum
Chief Executive Officer of PharmaCo AS

Dan Rosenbaum steers the ship with is extensive experience in strategy development and implementation, general management, finance, and business development.  A senior leader with global, multi-cultural background and experience, he has a successful track record of driving operational excellence and building motivated, high-performance organizations.